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License - FreeWing V0.1 - Software License

Software: ""
Author: ""
Contact: ""
Creation: ""

1. You have the right to modify and distribute the sotware
if you respect those conditions:
- You must not modify the License
- You must let the README.txt inside same folder
as software and completely unmodified
- You must not claim rights on your software version
- You must not use this sotware for commercial uses

2. The author is not responsible of any injuries caused by the
software. He can't be implied into any troubles caused by
this software.

3. You are able to use code, texture, or any piece of this
software if the author permit you it. However you can
use every piece of the software for personnal use, in
full liberty.

4. You can't modify or rename the license applied to
this software.This license is used for a full software.
A software can't use this license alongside another.
Parts of software can be re-licensed with the author
agreement, but only to open source non-commercial

End of the terms of use. You are allowed to not accept this license.
Creator of FreeWing V0.1 is azekill_DIABLO. <> 

was created and written by,